Baseboard And Trim Replacement And Repair Guide

Over the course of time, you may discover that the baseboards in your home are becoming damaged as a result of chips and scrapes showing up which may motivate you to replace the boards that are damaged.

Patching these problem areas with the help of Flex Drywall Repair experts is much easier to do. If you have an older home, for example, some of the baseboards are behind the wood floor, which can lead to problems like damaging the plaster.

Joint compound can be used to patch everything up, filling in the sections of the damaged baseboards. You can use a taping knife to spread out everything, and it will easily match the baseboard when using this drywall mud. Once it’s dry, reapply two more times.

Easiest Way To Patch The Baseboard

1. You will need to obtain a piece of wood that is large enough to cover the areas that you are patching. Try to make it thinner than the thickest part of the board. This is typically around 3/8”-1/2” in width.

2. When you cut this piece of wood, make sure that you use ¾ stock for the patch – composite board, plywood, or even MDF will work; if you have some scrap wood lying around, this will be perfect.

3. You can use screws to put the template over the area you are working on

4. Most people have a router at their home, and you can use a straight bit, guide bushing, or a flush cutting bit for this next part which involves cutting out the area that is inside the template. Try to make it as shallow as possible. Once you glue the surface of the patch, it will remain in place. Referred to Step 1 when doing this part. You will have a lot of sawdust, so use an extractor to remove it.

5. You can use a chisel to make the corner square.

6. You then need to glue the patch in place. You won’t need nails; the glue will work just fine.

7. Send the patch, prime it, and then paint it over.

The molding profile that you are going to use should be somewhat challenging to find and create – if you have custom-made trim, it’s even more difficult. You can patch the baseboard – just glue it on, plus make a custom cut hole.

You may want to use a hole that matches the patch. You can use a custom-made tablet produced with the router.

Common DIY Interior Trim Repairs

You should notice a few gaps, specifically around the crown molding, and you may also see warped areas of your trim that may also be damaged or dented, and you can fix all of this at the same time.


Fixing all of this is so simple that you do have quality wood putty, or if you have drywall at your home, as it will go right into the gaps and holes. Smooth that out, and soon all of those Drywall Patching problems, will be covered over.


By using a caulking gun, you will want to start with a very small amount. Spreading it out with your finger will work just fine.


When you have pieces of wood that are cracked, rotted, or damaged by water, you may want to simply replace the section of moldings because it is beyond repair. Once you have replaced it, you can then refinish and paint it over to make it look new.