What is the mold?

Mold is a type of fungus that is made up of small organisms that are distributed almost everywhere. Molds appear in different colors such as white, black, green, purple, or orange. Fungi thrive well in moisture, and they reproduce through tiny, lightweight spores that are usually transported through the air. This means you are exposed to mold every day. Mold Removal and Remediation is the key to maintain hygiene at home.

Mold In Drywall

Signs of mold infestation on drywall:

Visible mold spores

The most obvious and guaranteed way to tell if you have a mold infestation in your house is when you see them with your eyes. If you manage to see a ton of them, then know that the problem is now on your hands.

Feeling lingering cold or flu-like symptoms

Molds will come into your wall through a leakage. Inside the leakage, there is moisture. It’s from this moisture that you will start feeling cold while inhaling mold spores inside your house you will be subjected to flu-like symptoms.

Musty or damp smell

Moldy or musty smell in your home might be an indication of the mold issue since mold species vary in terms of odor if you suspect an odor that isn’t common in your home or building, it’s better to investigate about it to avoid mold buildup.

Flooding history of your home

If you had earlier experienced flooding in your home, this could lead to mold issues as well. Since mold isn’t a short term possibility after flooding, it is advised that once you experienced flooding, you may check for mold in the area even if you haven’t seen any sign of mold.

Having breathing or respiratory issues

Mold spores in the air, if inhaled, might lead to respiratory issues if you experience difficulty in breathing while at your home, chances have it that molds might have infested your home. Calling professional mold remediation service is recommendable.

Effect of mold on your home and your house:

Mold and your health

When the mold spores land on a moist or damp place, the start growing producing allergens, toxic substances, and irritants. When you continuously get exposed to these moldy environments, it can cause or maybe worsen pre-existing health effects. Healthy individuals can also suffer from eye irritation, nasal stuffiness, coughing, or even throat irritation if a home is infested with a high level of molds.

People who have any pre-existing health issues or are allergic to mold are at high risk of getting severe lung infections that can spread. Asthmatic people could experience worsen asthmatic symptoms as a result of exposure to mold spores. The recent studies also suggest that when children are exposed to mold spores at their tender age, they might develop asthmatic.

Mold and your home drywall

Apart from your family, mold also affects the health and safety of your home. Having in mind that mold grows where oxygen and moisture exist, they tend to develop leaks on your roof, pipes, windows, and flooded basement. The kitchen area, as well as shower, are subject to mold issues as they add moisture to the air, thus creating an ideal condition for molds to thrive.

For mold to survive, they feed off their source. This means they destroy that source too. To get rid of this infestation in your household, it is advised that you tear away drywall, wood, or any other material that has a penetration of this fungus.

Reasons why you should hire professional drywall mold remediation service:

You will get thorough cleaning

There are many Do-it-Yourself articles directing you on how to get rid of mold at your home. The question is, why do you want to put your health at risk? By doing so, you are also putting everyone in the household at risk. Also, by doing this, you are not sure that you have dealt with the issue altogether. Getting services of professional drywall mold removal company, they will completely eradicate indoor mold. Their vast knowledge and experience in this field will assure you a job well done.

Reduce the spread

During this mold cleaning process, spores will get into the air and can spread into the entire house. Some DIY procedure largely contributes to mold spreading. Even if you kill mold spores, they can still cause problems. If the mold spores enter into your HVAC system, a more rampant spread will be experienced. This system will consist of moisture from the AC, warmth from the heating system, and dust with the food source. All these factors will create an ideal zone for molds to grow. Professionals mold removal service is well versed in containing spores and will also advise you to go for other services such as duct cleaning if necessary.

 Discover the source

Getting rid of the mold is a good idea, but it could be better if you try to locate where the mold comes from. Professional drywall mold removal service does more than just getting rid of the mold in your household. They will locate the source by testing for mold, which is done by an industrial hygienist. This process is conducted and explained to you so that if you feel that there is a step you need to take before mold remediation comes to clean, you can have time to do it.

When the source is identified, professional mold removal will help you determine the best action to remedy the problem. By doing this, chances of mold re-occurring will be limited, and also they will also alert you on what to watch out to avoid the situation getting out of your hand.

Keeping everyone and everything healthy

Swift mold removal will ensure the health concern of your household is adhered to. Cleaning mold by DIY articles will automatically expose you and your loved ones to toxins. Professional drywall mold remediation company will have all the necessary equipment for this activity. They will protect themselves during mold exposure and also save your home and belongings from the mold as they can destroy structures and personal items.

With this information, it’s now clear why you need to hire a professional drywall expert to clean mold for you. And why chose Flex Drywall Repair

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