Sliding Door Screen Repair

Did you know that sliding patio doors don’t slide? Rather, they roll on little plastic wheels. If those wheels break or wear out, the door will not slide or roll but it will start dragging. Removing the drag can be effortless. For instance, you can replace the wheels in an hour. To do this, you need to make sure that the wheel track is clean. Next, you can start adjusting the wheels. If the door still drags, the wheel is obviously broken and it’s time to replace them. You need to do a patio screen door replacement immediately.

Here, you should start with the following checklist!

• Start by inspecting the tracks from top to bottom. Start straightening them if they are bent using pliers. Alternatively, you can old a small block of wood against the bent areas the hit the block with a hammer.

Next, you should clean out the tracks. Your new wheels will start rolling smoother and will also last longer if they are not rolling over grit and sand.

If you can access the corner assembly screws, you should use a screwdriver to make sure they fit tight on the installation of the sliding screen door.

Look at the top part of the door. Some doors may have wheels both at the top and at the bottom. The top wheels might not be worn out but you need to replace them if you notice any sign of wearing out.

Follow These Steps!!

1. Remove The Screen Door From The Frame – Since your sliding patio door slides on flexible rollers, you can lift the frame up such that the bottom edge of the rollers can clear the lip. Next, you should tilt the door outwards, starting from the bottom.

2. Replacement Materials – There are two types of replacement sliding door screen material. These are fiberglass and wire. Both of these materials are sold in rolls and are available in white, black or charcoal colors. There are also some specialty fabrications such as wire mesh with smaller holes for privacy. There’s also a heavy-duty fiberglass pet option.

3. Prying Out The Old Spline Material – You can do this by inserting a screwdriver in one corner of the door frame and removing the old material using pliers. Avoid bending the metal edges of the groove. Next, you should clean the frame thoroughly after removing the old spline and ripped screen.

4. Installation – Now you can unroll the new fiberglass screen onto the door to make sure it overlaps on all the edges. Starting from one corner, you should use the spline roller and the concave to push the spline and the screen inside the metal groove.

5. Excess Material – Once the spline and the screen are installed properly, use the convex end of the spline roller to push everything into place. Next, you should use the utility knife to trim the excess screen material.

Professionals At Your Service!

You can always do the repair and installation yourself but it’s always a good idea to hire a professional. If you are looking to replace your sliding patio door, call us today at Flex Drywall Repair, Herndon VA on (703 910-3540). You can also send an email to [email protected] and get the best patio glass door repair and installation experts for your needs.