Here I will point out the most common tips for drywall repair which you should do before repairing drywall. You don’t have to follow them, but those tips will make your work much easier and faster. So let me start…

1) Cover doorways and get people out of the room.

Drywall hanging is quite dusty job, so please make sure that you cover all the doorways and clean the room (remove furniture and expensive stuff). Furthermore, try to get other people out of the room, because dust is not healthy when it comes to your lounges.

2) Wear the right clothes…

…because of the dust. Don’t do this work with your everyday clothes. I’m more than sure that you will find some aged or broken clothes which are exactly used for this kind of work. After all, you don’t want to upset your husband. (He will wash your clothes anyway)

3) Use screws instead of nails

Maybe you have seen some professional drywall hanger who uses nails, but this is not the right thing for an amateur. Use screws instead of nails, since they are more secure and they will not pop out of the wall. Maybe you have screwdriver, that’s even better.

4) Right tools for repairing drywall

You better get or buy the right tools before starting this work. I would suggest you to get “drywall jack” or dimpler that is attached to your drill and it makes your work more easier and you will get the better quality.

5) Follow the instructions

If you are following my instructions then you don’t have to worry about doing something wrong. You can also check some other sites as well in order to be completely sure that you are doing it right.

That’s all about the tips for drywall repair. I hope you really learned something about it. Good luck with your drywall repairing.

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