Damaged drywall makes any home look worn down. Whether it’s large parts of drywall that need to be replaced or just small holes that need to be fixed, Flex Drywall repair can help. We offer a variety of drywall services in Herndon, Reston, Chantilly, and all of DC Suburbs, including drywall repair. We also offer sheetrock installation, soundproofing, mold remediation, and more. If you need any help with the walls in your home, contact us for help today. Read below to learn more about some of the services we offer and what we can do to make your home look stunning again.

Drywall Damage? We Can Repair It – Drywall Repair Service

Drywall can be damaged in a variety of different ways. Small holes can happen when hanging something on the wall, repairing electrical or plumbing behind the wall, or even bumping into it when moving furniture. Larger holes often occur due to accidents or when work is being done behind the walls.

No matter why your drywall is damaged, we can handle the drywall repair for you. Depending on the size, we can patch or replace the drywall, then finish it, so the new drywall blends in with the old. By the time we’re done, you won’t be able to tell that the drywall was ever damaged.

Sheetrock Replacement and Installation

If you have sheetrock that has been damaged and the damage is too large to repair, we can replace it instead. We can also replace sheetrock and drywall if you’re taking a large amount out to handle renovations in the home. We can blend in the new sheetrock with the old when it’s finished, ensuring the room looks fantastic before you move onto the next part of the renovation.

Thinking about adding a new wall to separate rooms or adding on a whole new room to the home? We can handle the sheetrock installation. Sheetrock is heavy and can be difficult to install, especially on taller walls, so this is not often a DIY job. We’ll ensure it’s expertly done, so if you’re adding a new room, it will look like it was always part of the home.


Minimize Noises with Soundproofing

How much sound is coming from outside your home? Adding thicker drywall as well as taking other measures can help with soundproofing your home, so you don’t hear everything that happens outside. We can review soundproofing techniques to see what’s going to fit best with your needs, so you no longer have to hear every car that passes by.

We can also help soundproof a single room in your home. Have a kid learning to play the drums? Soundproof materials may not completely mask the sound of banging drums inside their room, but they can help minimize the sound throughout the house, so you can watch TV while they practice without issue.

Eliminate Mold in the House

Mold grows quickly and can seriously damage the drywall and other materials in the house. If you’ve discovered mold in the house, the time to get help with the mold removal is now. When it has started growing on drywall, part of the mold remediation process is removing the damaged drywall and replacing it. Depending on the severity of the mold, it may be possible to get rid of it without needing to remove the drywall, but many cases will require replacement of damaged drywall and other materials like flooring. If you’ve spotted mold, let us handle the mold remediation fast, so you have nothing to worry about.

Ceiling Installation

Remove a Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn ceilings were incredibly popular, but they’ve fallen out of fashion, and many people are opting to remove them today. There are tons of guides online for how to remove a popcorn ceiling, but this is not something homeowners will want to tackle on their own. In fact, most homeowners who decide to DIY the removal will get one room done and hire a pro for the rest.

The removal is difficult since you’re working on the ceiling, can cause damage to the ceiling, and can be a huge mess. The good news is, we can handle the removal quickly and efficiently, ensuring the mess is cleaned up completely, and the ceiling looks amazing when we’re done. Instead of trying to do it on your own, let us help remove all of the popcorn from the ceilings in your home.

Drywall Finishing Services

Once the drywall is installed or repaired, it needs to be finished properly. This includes sanding everything smooth, priming the wall for paint, and painting the walls. If the wall is textured, that will need to be added to the drywall before it can be painted. If you’re looking for painters near me to finish a new drywall installation in your home or cover up repairs made, we can help. We can handle the drywall finishing, adding texture to match as needed, and painting the drywall to match. This helps hide the repair or replacement and ensure everything blends together well.

Other services we offer include drywall patching, ceiling drywall repair, drywall finishing, drywall insulation, drywall installation. We are drywall contractors specialized in home improvements and remodeling.

Ceiling Repair

At Flex Drywall repair, we offer exclusive ceiling repair service, ceiling patching, finishing, and installation. Having a hole in the ceiling or any ceiling damage is considered a real emergency because it creates a potential threat to the house and safety of your family. If you have any ceiling repair jobs for us, feel free to call us for a free quote. We also offer ceiling painting services.


Flex drywall repair has experienced painters in staff, our service includes interior painting, exterior painting, and kitchen painting services. Our well-trained painters have years of experience in house Painting in Herndon, Reston, Chantilly, and around the Washington DC area.

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