You consider painting your house when the walls start appearing dull and shabby. The exterior of the house may be more exposed to dust and rain and would have to be repainted as well. While carrying out the entire house painting work yourself is not a bad idea, you will need a lot of time at your disposal. You should have some interest and inclination towards home painting. More importantly, it is not something you can handle yourself alone. Your family members should support you too. Considering all these, it may be prudent to call professional house painters like Flex Drywall Repair to execute the work.

At Flex Drywall Repair, we undertake all painting needs, interior and exterior.

Interior Painting

Interior painting involves painting the walls and the ceiling throughout your house. If your windows are made of aluminum or other metal with glass, we will mask the edges while painting the walls. The windows are later cleaned thoroughly to match with the freshly painted walls before handing the house back to you.

House Painting Reston VA
House Painting in Reston VA

While taking up the interior painting, our painting team will ensure the paint does not spoil the other articles in the house. The beds, the living and dining area furniture will all have to be covered with an old cloth or other disposable sheets. Whatever fixtures you have on the walls like paintings and picture frames will also have to be removed.

Our painters take care of these things by themselves. Wherever they need your help, you may have to assist them with making these preparations before they commence the work. We will send in a professional team of house painting experts who are experienced in interior painting and are fairly quick in the way they go about their business. You can check with us a day or two earlier so that you can save on the time required to make the preparations. The home painting team can start their work without waiting.

Exterior Painting

Painting the exterior of the house comes with its challenges. For a perfect exterior painting job, Flex Drywall Repair has all the necessary resources. These include the ladders to reach the heights and other scaffolding materials where necessary. While the interior painting would have involved choosing a single color for the walls and possibly white for the ceiling, there may be more choices for exterior painting. You would want your house to stand out in the neighborhood and the colors you choose can help you achieve that.

Our house painting experts will help you in deciding on the type of paint that you should go for exterior painting. It is not the appearance alone. You are looking at the paint lasting as long as possible without deteriorating.

Kitchen Painting

While painting your house, one section that throws up the maximum challenge in the kitchen. The area to be covered in kitchen painting may not be much. However, you have to remove as many appliances as possible for our painters to begin their work.

You can’t cook in the kitchen when the kitchen painting work is in progress. Make alternate arrangements in advance. If you have children, this is more important.

Some Points on House Painting

Painting the walls in your house, both inside and outside has to follow a defined process. In one way, the preparation of the walls or the surface to be painted is more critical than the actual painting itself. This means a coat of a suitable primer is applied first. After that, sanding has to be done on the dry surface. This will expose those portions on the wall which carry a crack or some indentations.

Putty is then applied on these portions and the surface is smoothened thoroughly. After the putty dries, the second coat of primer is applied and the surface is sanded again. All the dust on the surface is then removed with a clean cloth.

House Painting Chantilly VA
House Painting Chantilly VA

The coat of paint is then applied. This process is followed for both interior painting as well as exterior painting. This process can’t be followed when the exterior walls are not smooth-finished and have some designs on them.

The difficulties experienced while doing a house painting job include handling the corners and curved surfaces. The normal methods of sanding may not work perfectly. Leaving it to professionals like Flex Drywall Repair takes away most of your worries.

Decide when you would want the house painting work to be done. You don’t want too much sun and it should not be raining either.