Expert drywall repair is critical when you want to keep your home in perfect condition.  Whether the damage was caused accidentally by moving furniture around or cracked due to some other causes that you may not know, seeking professional drywall contractors to perform the repair is the best thing to do to return your home to its previous best condition.

Common causes of damage on drywalls

Have you started noticing some cracks, holes, and scuffs on your drywall recently? If you are wondering how they even got there, there are a number of ways this may happen.

Popping Nails

When nails are not properly set at the center of the stud, they may pop up through the drywall after some time. Do not nail it back, it may further damage your drywall. Instead, try and remove it completely and locate the stud before nailing it properly.

Furniture scuffs

Furniture scuffs are also common causes of drywall damage. They stain the drywall when furniture is placed in the house touching the walls.

Water damage

A broken water line can damage drywall and can even make it grow molds and become dangerous to your health. If this happens, removing and replacing the drywall is the best thing to do, after repairing the waterline and ensuring it is working properly.


A little crack that you can hardly notice can eventually become bigger and cause damage to the drywall and the entire foundation of the building. Always fix the existing cracks by patching over them.


Termites can damage drywalls by causing small holes, eating them up that you hear a hollow sound when knocking on the drywall. You can also notice some baseboards crumbling. If you notice termites have invaded your home, reach out to the pest prevention company for immediate help before they cause further damage.

Need Drywall Repair Services In Reston? Let Flex Drywall Repair Do It for you.

If you have noticed the damages on your drywall and want a professional repair service, we can help you.

Residential Drywall Repair Services In Reston

We perform drywall repair services in homes and also help you replace the old ones when you want to.

Commercial Drywall Repair in Reston

If you own business premises in Reston and would like professional drywall repair services done in your offices, we are available to help you make it look great again. An attractive business environment is always great to display professionalism and stay ahead of the competition.

Why choose Flex Drywall Repair?

Our team handles all the issues and damages on the drywall and make them look perfect again. Our prices are affordable so you don’t have to worry about costly repairs.

We always want to give our clients peace of mind. That is why we can work extra hours on weekends or after business hours to ensure that you continue running your business as usual as we do the repairs without disturbing your peace.

We focus on client satisfaction by providing professional quality services that can make your home or office look great again.

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