Whether it’s in your office or your home, drywall damages are often common and can be caused by simple things like moving furniture around, and even small cracks on walls. While some damages are small that you can perform repairs by yourself, others require professional attention to help you bring back their perfect condition.

How to repair drywall by yourself

Here are some tips to repair small dents, large holes, and any other drywall damages.

Repairing dents and dings

Remove the loose debris from the hole by scraping and use a fast-drying spackle to fill the dents. Level the spackle with the drywall and let it dry for 24 hours before you sand smooth it.

Repairing Popped Nail Heads

Popped heads are a result of the nails not properly fitting in the stud. Drive a drywall screw some inches above the popped nail head into the stud. Reattach the drywall to the stud. Sink the screw head under the drywall surface and drive the popped nail. Cover the sunken screw head and the nail head using spackle while making sure they are level with the drywall. Wait for 24 hours to dry and then sand smooth it.

Repairing Small Holes On Drywalls

Place a self-adhesive mesh patch on the small hole and use a drywall knife to apply the spackle on the patch. Increase the pressure and angle of the drywall knife to feather the edges of the spackling compound applied. Let it dry before sand smoothing the patch.

How to Finish the repairs

All repairs on the drywall require final light sanding on the surfaces to ensure they perfectly blend with the wall. After a light sanding, use a primer to cover the coat and let it dry for some time.

The last step to finish off the repair is to cover with the paint that matches the rest of the drywall.

Professional Drywall Repair In Sterling

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