Many people around the world are constantly repairing hole in the wall.  You were also probably searching for such terms as: “How To Repair Drywall” or “Repairing Drywall“.  Here, I would like to know how did you get this hole in your wall? Was it some kind of accident or did someone purposely made it, or you don’t even know how did you got a hole in your wall? This is the corner where you can give your stories about your hole(s) in your wall.

Interesting stories…

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Mary / Herndon,VA

We managed to get a hole in our drywall by moving furniture. We have this huge piano from 1947 and we wanted to move it up to second floor. However, it was too heavy and it fell down the stairs. We were really sad about the piano since it had stress marks, but it also made a big hole in our dry wall. Thanks to your guidelines we managed to get rid of it.

Mark / Herndon,VA

Every year I have to fix drywall. I have four sons and they are all 3 – 7 years old. They play with the toys and the cars and sometimes they get too excited. For example, they play with model cars and suddenly they are trying to “crash” them into the wall. That’s how I get those cracks in my drywall.

Richard / Sterling,VA

I was searching on google for How To Repair Drywall and I found your site. I must say, thanks to you I finally managed to fix all those cracks in my drywall. I live alone with my dog Bernardin. He is really big and sometimes he gets to naughty with playing and he just runs into the wall. Poor dog, but poor me as well, since I have to fix all those holes in my wall.

Anonymous / Reston,VA

I had a big party last year. My house was full of drunk people ( around 50-60 persons) and the next morning when I woke up there were 3 holes and cracks in my drywall. I never found out who did them, but one thing was sure: I had to repair drywall. So yes, thanks for your tutorials.

As you can see, people get holes in their drywall for many different reasons. Sometimes, it’s even funny to read them, but it’s not so funny to repair drywall.  Fortunately we offer this service for you, so you can get more knowledge about How To Repair Drywall in your home.

Feel free to browse our website and remember to share you stories after you have repaired your drywall.

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