Finding the best drywall mud is not so easy. There are literally thousands of different muds available on the internet and on the stores. I have to say that they are all “good” and you don’t need any expensive stuff to hang your drywall. In the 90′s many house workers used common bathroom caulk. They are still holding up the building and no problems have been noticed.

So basically you use every compounds available. If you are a rookie, then just go to the local store and ask for “drywall compound” or “drywall mud”. I’m more than sure that they have plenty of different products. It’s not very expensive so you should not worry about the money. The second way is just surf on the internet and look for different muds/compounds. Furthermore, you can go to amazon and ebay and look for the right product.

Do it yourself or hire someone?

Before starting repairing your drywall you will probably think whether you should do it by yourself or hire someone. At first, it might look difficult, but actually it’s not so hard. But if you really want to hire someone then you have to know it costs around 40$-50$.

If you are a female, you should consider to hire someone, but you can also ask a favor from a neighbor or a friend. But you should remember, that if you hire some, you better not overpay him, because fixing drywall is not very expensive as I mentioned before.

If you have enough motivation and all the needed tools (you can buy them or just borrow from a friend) you could start repairing drywall. Just follow the tips and the guidelines and you are able to fix it in a day. However, if you don’t understand how to do it, you better call someone and let him do it for you. It’s not your problem that you haven’t learned to patch drywall in school, because there are experts who know what they do. So if you are looking for QUALITY, you better spend that $$$.

My advice to you is: Go and try to do it by yourself, because there are lots of tutorials available on the web. But if you feel that you just can’t handle it or you don’t have time for that, then simply hire a handyman.

my tip: If you are good at repairing cars, then ask some handyman to repair your drywall. You can help him with his car issues. That was just an example, but many people use it in order to get his/her drywall fixed.

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